House rules

Night’s rest on the territory of the holiday village is from 23.00-07.00

Good practices must be followed upon behaviour in the buildings and the property of the holiday village must be respected.

It is forbidden to smoke in the buildings and throw cigarette stubs on the ground.

If an event gets out of control (loud music, vandalism or other disturbing behaviour regardless of requests asking to keep the order), the Owner shall have the right to terminate the event immediately. No refunds shall be made. Upon causing damage to the buildings, structures and/or greenery, the Client shall pay for the damage according to the invoice submitted by the Owner. The representative of the Client is required to explain the rules to all participants in the event; the Owner shall not be liable for potential accidents arising from ignoring the conditions of use. Any use of candles and fireworks is allowed only upon previous agreement in the designated place!

Relieving bodily needs (incl. vomiting) in places not prescribed therefor is prohibited.